The Anna Tunic

I've been meaning to try one of Amy Butler's clothing patterns for some time now. I've had my eye on the Liverpool Dress pattern, but as fate would have it, the workroom sold out of that pattern when I finally got around to doing it. (I've just found out that the workroom is doing a daytime class series on the Liverpool dress! If only I could quit my day job...)

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I settled for the Anna Tunic. Still fabulous, and a perfect pattern for the rest of my Amy Butler fabric used in Debbie's Spring Birdie Sling.

I have to admit, the end-to-end project time on this tunic was catastrophic. I cut out the paper patten during the days of the Vancouver Olympics. I pinned and cut the fabric during the first round of NHL playoffs (almost two months later). It wasn't until the Ottawa Senators lost in the first round of NHL playoffs that I decided to finally hunker down and sew this beauty! And now, over a month later, I am finally showing off my glorious work.

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My favourite part is the buttons! (Of course...)

From sewing

Emily  – (June 16, 2010 at 9:42 AM)  

this post is for meeeeeeeeee??? I feel so special.

the buttons are my favourite part as well!

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