The end of an era

Excitement and sadness consumes me as I write this post.

I have yet to decide if it will be my last, or my second-last.

Don't worry, I'm not going far. But this is the end of the road for this blog.

I've read that you should write blogs assuming no one will read them (no one besides your mom). But now and then I need to thank you for actually reading my ramblings. It's motivating to know you're out there.

I will make a final announcement here on June 1st to tell you all about my new project, but today, I just want to reminisce on everything "done well"and leave you with some parting words.

1. Donate blood!

Remember when I started this blog? My grandma had passed away, and I wanted to encourage people to donate blood. Some people still let me know when they last donated, or that they have an appointment coming up. Dustin actually received his "25" pin last week. 25 donations! Thanks to all those blood donors out there! I'm still hopeful that they change the rules and let me donate one day. The offer still stands if you need someone to hold your hand or to bake you a cookie reward. Or a coocookiekie. Just let me know.

2. Make something!

My discovery of the workroom, a cute fabric shop and sewing studio in Toronto, kickstarted my love for sewing. "Make Something" is the motto there, and I couldn't agree more. You can do it. Try the birdie sling bag. Or a Christmas ornament. Or a baby bib (complete with tutorial!).

Birdie Sling Bag
3. Quilting is for the young and hip.

Modern quilting is an actual thing. Patterns are easier. Fabrics are way cooler. You meet amazing people. I took classes at the workroom for the sampler quilt, and the Houses! paper piecing quilt. But there are endless resources online. Like the Houndstooth pattern, or how to free-motion quilt.

Houndstooth Baby Quilt
Hunger Games Quilt
4. Eat locally: CSA boxes, home gardens, or neighbourhood restaurants.

Not only does local food generally taste better (not always: my mom once told me that she spent $6 on a pint of local Ontario strawberries that were terrible; I guess you can't always win), but you are also supporting your local community and province.

If you live in a somewhat major city, you likely have the option of a CSA (Community Shared/Supported Agriculture) program where a box of local produce is delivered to your door, or available for pickup. It's pretty fun. You learn to eat weird, new foods, or begin a quest to find out how to love beets.

Our food box from The Culinarium

I live in a typical Toronto townhouse with no backyard and minimal sun-exposure. But I managed to maintain a pretty decent vegetable (I guess tomatoes are fruit...) garden! Tomatoes, snap peas, cucumbers, kohlrabi, beets, even strawberries were all quite successful growing in pots on our back balcony. Nothing beats walking out there and munching on fresh snap peas that still taste hot from the spring sun.

Fresh snap peas
If you're the "go out to eat" type, then make sure you go check out your local restaurants. Forget the chain restaurants. Pick places that focus on local and seasonal items, or smaller local businesses that make your city special.

Duck poutine pizza from Bannock
MTK Burger from Mildred's Temple Kitchen
5. Share and inspire.

I find myself often explaining how I find time to do "all this stuff". You'd be amazed at how much you accomplish if you just start keeping track.

Start your own blog. Here is a fantastic article with tips about blogging. The author, a hero of mine, mentions that it changed her life. I think I can honestly say that it has probably changed mine as well.

When you share, you inspire. When you're inspired, you share more.  Here are some of my fave inspirational blogs: Make Something, Mothers Daughters, Orangette, Oh, Fransson!, Dirty Kitchen, Joy the Baker, I made that, ... the list goes on. (See my blogroll to the side.)

This concludes my parting words. I hope you'll stick around for my next project.

It's been an absolute pleasure sharing my first blog with you. We've done well.

Here marks the end of an era.

Elisabeth  – (May 27, 2013 at 6:03 PM)  

Kelly: I am going to miss your blog. Can't wait to find out what your next project is.
PS You're my hero too. :)

karyn  – (June 3, 2013 at 10:21 AM)  

Kelly! Congratulations on closing this chapter. Exciting things ahead!

Emily  – (June 3, 2013 at 10:32 AM)  

done-well has always been my sewing inspiration. I am so excited for lies ahead.

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