Oopsie the Octopus

Since the birth of my super cute nephew, Maximus, 8 of my friends have had, or are expecting, a baby. Eight. I kid you not. Congrats to all my new mommy and daddy friends! So many babies!!!

With all the baby hoopla, I'm drawn to all sorts of beautiful children's fabric and sewing patterns that are available now. Rarely do I actually sit down and make something cute for a little one.

Oopsie the Octopus was just too cute. I found the tutorial on the Moda Bake Shop and finally found some time to make a simplified version of the toy. No yoyos, and I only gave it eyeballs.

From sewing

From sewing

It really was (almost) as easy as the tutorial implies. I made lots of mistakes, but hardly noticeable. The most surprising part was how much filling you have to stuff into the toy to get a nice round shape. Don't be stingy!

Some other cute things that I've seen recently:

Everything Olivery + S

And check out this super awesome fabric that just arrived at the workroom!

From lizzyhouse.typepad.com

So many great kids patterns and fabrics out there!!! I guess I won't have a shortage of babies to sew for!

Emily  – (September 23, 2010 at 2:22 PM)  

SO CUTE! I am without child, but can I have an Oopsie?

Ags  – (July 16, 2015 at 12:21 PM)  

Cute! I had also downloaded this pattern and have been wanting to make one. Nice job. :)

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