Skips: the flower shaped chip

For my birthday not too long ago, my good friends Jess and Rebecca sent me a package from Ireland: it was filled to the brim with Skips!

From me
Since I was a little girl living in England, I fell in LOVE with prawn cocktail chips: the ones that looked like little flowers. I think we used to be able to buy them from Marks and Spencers, but I haven't seen them in Canada for a very, very long time. Growing up, my sister and I would reminisce on those prawn flower chip days, never expecting anyone to ever bring them back into our lives. That is, until my friend Rebecca moved to Ireland.

From me
My birthday package came with maybe 12 bags of these "fizzibly melty" chips (I say "maybe" because I wolfed down so many bags already that I have no idea how many I started with...) I've tried to make them last, but just today, I noticed the "best before" date:

From me
Horrifying!!! Starting today, they are no longer at their best!

What do I do? Eat them ALL? But I haven't even shared with my sister yet!

I compromised. During the course of this blog writing, I finished three bags (Hey, every day I save them, they are 1 more day away from having been their "best.") That leaves... 3. I will now save the rest for my sister. I see her this weekend, and she'll just have to settle for "best minus 3 days."

At least I'm sharing. And since I'm doing so much sharing, here's the amazing birthday card that my lovely ladies sent with the chips. Thanks so much!!!

From me

wubecca –   – (August 29, 2010 at 6:18 PM)  

hahaha...that card gets me all the time =) yay, i got 'props' in your post! i'm glad you're able to share with sister and maybe next time we'll scrounge the skips section for the bag with the furthest 'best before' date before mailing off! love ya! x

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