Welcome, Seedlings

It's that time of year again. We're thinking ahead to our balcony garden and growing some seedlings indoors.

We still don't really know what we're doing, but we've got some help from Jamie Oliver (Jamie at Home) and Gayla Trail (Grow Great Grub).  Jamie's book has some great pictures, descriptions, and recipe ideas, but sometimes you have to wonder whether it's going to work in Canadian climate.  Gayla's book is great because she's from right here in Toronto, Ontario.

Last year we joined Gayla with a community greenhouse. Hopefully we've learned a thing or two and can get some stuff growing at home.

So far, we've started some seedlings of apple cucumbers (AC), cucumbers (C), zucchini (Z), beets (B), kohlrabi (K), chilli peppers (mini chilli pepper), cherry tomatoes (CT), and roma tomatoes (T). We've already had to repot some of the mini jiffy pots, so things are looking good!

If only the weather would start behaving itself and stop this snow-madness!

(As usual, the beets have to be the prettiest...)

Anonymous –   – (March 26, 2011 at 1:30 PM)  

Good for you Mui Mui!

OneCraftyFox  – (March 27, 2011 at 11:00 AM)  

Your garden sounds delicious!! You are the first person I have met who knows what Kohlrabi is ;) As a student I grew cherry tomatoes, snow peas, strawberries and fresh herbs. And as a kid we had a *positively huge* garden full every vegetable you could possibly imagine!!

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