Handmade baby gifts

We're so fortunate to have such generous friends. Since we've announced our baby-on-the-way, our friends and family have been offering their used items (we're ALL about the hand-me-downs!), showering us with amazing gifts, contributing to our reusable diaper fund, and taking the time to give us invaluable advice. Thanks everyone!

I'm especially impressed by our friends who have taken the time to make a gift by hand. I know how time consuming it is to hand-make gifts, so the least I could do is highlight the talent in a blog post!

Our friend Ange used to live with us, and when her friend was expecting a baby girl last year I saw her spend countless nights in front of the tv crocheting a beautiful blanket for the baby. I was thrilled to receive a crocheted blanket of my own, in beautiful shades of raspberry and pale pink.

Our Ottawa friend, and fellow blogger, Krystle is also a crochet genius. Her previous works of art include a baby bunny rattle, and little baby booties.  I was floored when I saw the intricate baby blanket that she crocheted for me with alternating squares of bears and flowers. (Read more about her creation here.) I love that I received two crocheted blankets that are so different and complementary.

And of course, dear friend Jenn also crafted me something for baby. She sewed me the cutest little baby bibs (so cute and chic that they are in fact "baby aprons").

Thanks to everyone for all your generosity (handmade or otherwise!) I only hope to be able to return the favour one day!

Krystle K.  – (February 1, 2012 at 10:24 AM)  

Aww thanks Kel! Love the gifts from Jenn and Ange as well, hope to see them next time we're in TO. Those baby aprons are adorable! Baby Dunwell is going to be well-clad!

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