The 20-minute bib tutorial

Here's an easy peasy tutorial to make a small baby bib that takes no more than 20 minutes! This really is a perfect crafty baby gift.


For the pdf version, click here (thanks wordpress!).

The 20-minute Bib
Tutorial by Kelly Dunwell
 For home-use only


Front fabric (at least 9” x 12”)
Back fabric (at least 9” x 12”)
Batting (at least 9” x 12”) - optional
1 set of snaps or Velcro
Fabric Scissors
Straight Pins
Matching thread
Bib template

1. Cut out the two pieces of the bib template and tape together at dotted line.

2. Using the template, pin and cut 1 pattern piece of the front fabric, 1 of the back fabric and 1 of the batting (if using). To save time, you can cut all three at once if you are careful to pin and cut through all three layers.

3. Place the front and back pieces good sides together; it doesn’t matter which is on top.

4. If using a middle batting layer, place the batting piece on top of the wrong side of either the front or back piece.

5. Pin around all sides but leave a 3” gap at the very bottom. I like to mark it off with pins so I don’t forget to leave the gap when I’m sewing. 

6. Starting just to the left of the gap, sew all around the bib using a ¼” seam allowance.  To help pivot around the curves, leave the needle in the down position, pick up the presser foot and pivot the fabric. You can do that several times to get a nice curve. Backstitch at each end.

7. Trim along the tight curves of the bib straps. Cut notches in the neckline. Be careful not to cut through your stitching.

8. Working from the strap ends first, flip the bib inside out.  At the gap, carefully fold the fabric inwards and pin shut. (Unlike my picture, you should point the pin to the right side to make it easier to unpin when sewing.)

9. Press all edges with the iron. Edgestitch around the entire bib, including the gap that you pinned shut.  Backstitch at each end.

10. Attach your favourite snaps or Velcro of choice to the bib straps. I used sew-on snaps. Make sure you attach one half of the snap or Velcro to the front side of the bib, and the other on the back side of the bib.
You’re done! This basic, reversible bib takes only 20 minutes to sew, and you can modify to make it fancier if you want! 

To make a patchwork bib, sew together smaller scraps of fabric until you have a piece that is 9” x 12”. Give it a nice press with the iron. Continue with the above instructions.

To add piping or a lace fringe, sandwich the trim between the front and back fabrics in step 3 and pin with the raw edges lined up (fringe side facing the inside of the bib).  Make sure to place the pins perpendicular to the fabric so you can still place the batting layer on top without covering the pins.

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