My Mailbox has Stitches!

I love getting stuff in the mail! Okay, maybe not those value-pack envelopes of coupons that try to advertise carpet cleaning. Or bills. (That's why I do e-billing.) But PACKAGES! ("...brown paper packages tied up with string...") All packages are great.

My best friend Priscilla is blessed with the ability to pick out great gifts. Wait -- rephrase: I am blessed with a best friend that has the ability to pick out great gifts. Unknown to her, I had searched for a copy of Stitch Magazine ever since reading about it on Karyn's blog. Although I didn't look very hard, I never found it. Not only did I get a package in the mail today, but the package contained TWO Stitch Magazines (winter 2008 and spring 2009)!

From sewing

I think Pris already ordered them before I gave her the leather clutch that I made from a class at The Workroom. Although backwards, I think the clutch was a perfect "Thank you" for the beautiful magazines!

Photo taken by Karyn Valino, The Workroom

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