Chim Chim Cheree Carnations!

I can't remember when or where I got a free pack of carnation seeds, but Dustin has made it a habit to empty the bags of junk that I drag home with me from work from time to time. Most of the time to get my coffee mug so that I can use it in the morning (yes, he is a sweetheart.) I guess one day he found a pack of carnation seeds and decided to plant them in our hanging planter on the balcony.

Perhaps it was one of the many free give-aways at Yonge and Dundas? Perhaps I got it from work? Perhaps it was placed into my Matt and Nat by someone else? Perhaps I had a wicked childhood? (We're going to see The Sound of Music tomorrow night!)

I believe they have been growing and growing for over two months now. A couple weeks ago, they started to show signs of budding (is that even the right term?)

From garden

This afternoon, I enjoyed a crisp breath of fresh air on the balcony and realized that one carnation has come into full bloom. They appear to be a deep red: so pretty. My mom has always enjoyed the view from our balcony. She says all the rooftops remind her of Mary Poppins and the "Step in Time" scene when all the chimney cleaners do a crazy dance (and I mean CRAZY.)

From garden

"Mary Poppins, step in time! Mary Poppins, step in time!"

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