Bloody Generous Friends

Since I first posted about my Grandma Initiative, it's been so exciting to hear about all the donations being made on behalf of my grandma. Such generous people!

I didn't realize it, but when donating blood in honour of someone, Canadian Blood Services can actually put the donation in writing!

From grandma initiative

Such a moving thing: donating in honour of someone. How I wish I could do it.

Thank you, Steve, Mymy, and Andrew.

From grandma initiative

Dustin was donating on and off for a while now. Since the Grandma Initiative, he's been donating regularly. Two weeks ago, he made his tenth donation!

From grandma initiative

I wonder how high the numbers go on the pins? If Dustin can donate every two months (approximately) that's 6 donations a year, so in five years, he could have a pin that says 40!

Thanks to everyone who donated as part of the Grandma Initiative! If you've donated as part of this initiative and haven't already sent me a quick note: please do! I've estimated that the number of donations to this initiative is something like a dozen. Half way to my goal!

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