Jumping Through Hoops

Kelly? Kelly who?

What a disaster! It's been over two weeks without a blog post. I have not done well.

Remember my deadline to finish the fabric hoops for the wall behind my bed? I met it. I swear. But I didn't like the colour of my bedroom walls. Dustin and I have been thinking of changing the wall colour since we moved in. I realize that ivory is boring, but I was beginning to feel like I lived in the middle of a flower in pollen-ville.

From sewing

I'm not making excuses for my lack of blog posts. Just giving reasons: I painted my room, I needed a weekend of daylight to take pictures (anyone want to donate a better camera?), and then I broke my camera (anyone want to donate any camera at all?)

Honest: my camera is broken. Not only is my camera broken, I found out today that the camera on my cell phone also does not work. So I couldn't even take a picture of my broken camera.

Before the death of my camera, I managed to take a few pictures. I was going to take better ones, but they are now all I have. I think I have a couple posts worth of pictures before I'll be MIA for a while: so enjoy!

My last two fabric hoops were a shout-out to my very first birdie sling, and an artistic attempt at representing my dress shirt from a class at the the workroom.

For my first birdie sling (photo courtesy of the workroom) I selected Amy butler's grey happy dots, and a beautiful watercolour fabric. The lining was an olive green upholstery fabric.

From sewing

The dress shirt class at the workroom was bitter sweet. When I have a new camera, I will hopefully post more about it. The resulting dress shirt was great: I was very proud of the craftswomanship. But it didn't fit. I know, the class was supposed to be a custom fit dress shirt. I don't know what to tell you. Fortunately, it fits my mother. So she gets two Christmas presents this year.

I had chosen a simple striped shirting fabric. Isn't the mini pocket cute?

From sewing

From sewing

The fabric hoops are great. A little collection of sewing stories. When I get my hands on a camera, I'll post a picture of the finished product.

Now I'm off to think of blog posts about the few pictures that I took before my camera's plunge to its death (literally: I dropped it.)

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