Super greeky shower

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I'm going to be an aunt! A real one, not the kind where your friends start to have kids and they have to call you "auntie." My sister, Kandice, is having a baby boy within the next week.

Last month, we (two of my sister's friends and I) threw her a big baby shower -- and I mean big. I've never seen a baby shower of this size, but apparently it's a common occurrence amongst her friends in Ottawa.

She wanted a toga-themed tea party. We thought: togas? Let's do Greek food!

Among other great foods, some of my favourite concoctions were mini pork souvlaki skewers, one-bite Greek salad and (my personal favourite) Greek cupcakes.

The mini pork skewers were marinated in some Greek spices (mine comes from Victorian Epicure) and then grilled on my parents luxury grill. A great way to present skewers (of any kind) is to cut a big head of cabbage in half, cover in tin foil, and then stab the skewers in whatever arrangement you so desire.

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One-bite Greek salad is a slice of cucumber topped with a slice of cherry tomato, topped with a cube of feta cheese. Genius! I have my moments.

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And now the cupcakes. What's that, Marigold? "There's no such thing as a Greek cupcake!" Yes, that is correct. But I wanted to bake cupcakes, and wanted to incorporate the Greek theme, so my genius husband (we make quite the pair) suggested icing them with Greek letters. Out came my memories of math class and I iced all the cupcakes with Greek letters that had once crossed my path in my four years of Engineering lectures. See them? Lambda, omega, phi, mu, gamma, rho, alpha, pi... As expected, I used one of Ina's recipes. Perfect Greek cupcakes!!! Happy greeky shower, Kandice!

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Carolyn  – (November 22, 2009 at 6:14 PM)  

You are going to be an Aunt!! So exciting! congrats to your sister. Love the greek cupcakes, and I am going to totally use the idea of presnting skewars! You are so creative when it comes to party ideas!! love this all!

wubecca –   – (November 25, 2009 at 3:31 PM)  

i love the pics! glad you posted them up =) i want those bite-sized greek salads! xo

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