Oh! The places I've gone!

Hello Toronto Heat! What a humid "welcome home" from mother nature... Some of you already know that we recently travelled to France and British Columbia. I'm hoping to focus my next few posts on our trips -- a "travel series", if you will.

To start, I would like to invite you "Chez Papa". This was our first restaurant after landing in Paris. My friend Shiva had recommended it as one of her "usuals" and we happened to stumble on one of the locations en route to the hotel.

The cuisine is Southern French, which I think is more hearty and rich. I ordered an amazing duck breast with a creamy pepper sauce (magret de canard sauce au poivre) and a HUGE serving of fried potatoes. Yes, you guessed it; I enjoyed the meal so much, there was no picture :( My espresso to finish off the lunch (yes, it was a hearty lunch) was my only photo evidence of my Chez Papa experience. It was accompanied by a palette cleansing square of dark chocolate.

From France

Our trip to Paris was slightly unexpected. Dustin's research paper was accepted to a conference that was being held at Euro Disney in Paris: naturally, I *had* to go. Our plan was to spend 3 days in Paris, the 3 days of conference at Euro Disney, and then 3 days to explore a little of the French countryside.

Paris was just the beginning of our adventures; 2010 was an unplanned year for excessive travel (at least for the Dunwells who rarely venture away from the province of Ontario...)

In the words of Dr Seuss:

"...And when things start to happen, don’t worry. Don’t stew. Just go right along. You’ll start happening too.

Oh! The Places You’ll Go!

You’ll be on your way up!
You’ll be seeing great sights!
You’ll join the high fliers who soar to high heights..."

Emily  – (July 12, 2010 at 10:09 AM)  

a travel series?! and about Paris?! I can't wait!!

wubecca –   – (July 14, 2010 at 11:44 PM)  

yay!!! you updated your blog - i go on almost daily in anticipation of new stuff ;) i can't wait to read your travel series!!! cheers! bisous xo

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