Two tours of the Tour Eiffel

I've been contemplating the order in which I share my travel adventures, and it makes sense that I go chronologically. Now having made that decision, I will break the rule this one time because we ended up revisiting the Eiffel Tower in the middle of our trip.

From France

The first day we were in Paris, we did the touristy cruise along the Seine River. We took the cruise at night because we were told that the Eiffel Tower is lit with beautiful lights. I had trouble getting my camera to take a nice picture (I blame the moving boat) but we did enjoy an amazing cruise. There were so many people just sitting along the river with (several) bottles of wine, laughing, chatting, and embracing.

After the 3 days at Dustin's conference we returned to the heart of Pairs for one last day of the beautiful city; we decided that since the weather had greatly improved, we should visit the Eiffel Tower again, up close. The lineups to climb the Eiffel Tower (by foot or elevator) were horrendous, so we settled for a nap on the grass not far from the base. With exception to the non-stop sales people offering 4 miniature Eiffel Tower key rings for 5 euros, we passed almost the entire afternoon peacefully napping and people watching with one of the world's best views.

From France

From France

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