Duck, Duck, Goose!

[A friendly warning to my beloved vegetarian readers: you might want to skip this one.]

Duck is one of my favourite meats. Odd, because chicken is one of my least favourite meats and you'd think they'd taste similar...

In Toronto, my favourite restaurant is Superior, mostly because of the duck breast seared rare with pommes anna topped with concorde grape jus but also because we stumbled upon the restaurant by sheer luck after a disastrous start to the evening at Tom Jones Steak House involving a creepy piano guy... Good times.

In Paris, I think duck is their chicken. (Or maybe I had tunnel vision when I looked at menus...) After the seared duck breast at Chez Papa, I had two more mouth-watering duck dishes.

Saturday afternoon was mostly spent in line waiting for "evening tickets" to the French Open. But that's another story: no duck at the tennis match. Following the (amazing) tennis matches, we were famished. We stayed out in the 16th arrondissement and just randomly picked a restaurant based on its menu and ambiance.

At Le Beaujolais d'Auteuil (chosen random restaurant) I ordered the duck confit: a leg of duck preserved, and then slowly cooked in its own fat. Delicious. It was accompanied by a very simple salad with a flavourful house vinaigrette. The french fry was stolen from Dustin's meal.

From France

Sunday was spent in Monmartre in the north end of Paris. A spectacular view after a hefty climb. We even spotted a space invader graffiti art!

From France

From France

From France

It was also here in Monmartre where I had the duck salad of my life. Yes: salad. Sounds healthy! ... not so much.

The salad began with a generous base of crispy greens and tomatoes, (wait for it,) slices of smoked duck breast layered throughout, (WAIT for it...) a chunk of goose foie gras nestled in the middle, (AND the kicker:) a mountain of herb and garlic fried potatoes topping the whole dish off.

A - MA - ZING.

From France

From France

From France

Emily  – (July 18, 2010 at 11:05 PM)  

I love duck as well! Going to have to try out Superior... The duck salad does looks amazing; it's making me drool.

French Open? Lucky!

wubecca –   – (July 19, 2010 at 6:29 PM)  

SO amazing! love your food adventures particularly THE salad...YUM!

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