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From sewing

I'm definitely a bargain shopper. It might be the Chinese in me, but Dustin does it too sometimes. That's why we buy a pack of 20 bars of soap because it's such a better deal than than the two bars that we really need.

And that's why I bought a 24 inch quilting ruler instead of the 12 inch. For an extra few bucks, the ruler is twice as big!!! TWICE!

But then I started my quilting class and realized that my commute on the TTC became an exercise in "don't poke that scary lawyer in the eye with the ruler!!!" I got lots of dirty looks. They all questioned whether or not I should have a 2 foot ruler sticking out of my bag on the TTC during rush hour. I bet someone was ready to add an amendment to the rush hour rules on the TTC, right next to no bikes and no pets.

It was time I engineered something.

After a lot of thought (and I mean a LOT of thought... making patterns is hard!) I decided to make a carrying case that was similar to a yoga bag. It would protect innocent TTC business folk from the 2 feet of sharp edges and all four acrylic corners. In addition, it would have extra little pockets for my scissors, rotary cutter, and other quilting supplies.

And it's chic!

From sewing

From sewing

From sewing

From sewing

From sewing

Carolyn  – (October 14, 2010 at 8:54 PM)  

totally cute!

P.S. I miss you AND I am a mommy now ;)

roz  – (October 17, 2010 at 8:09 PM)  

this ruler caddy is amazing!! :)

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