Dutchman's Puzzle

From sewing

Another crazy name for a quilt block: Dutchman's Puzzle. I'll have to ask my brother in law if he can figure it out.

This one seems to be a favourite with the people I've "show and tell"ed my quilt blocks to. Probably because it just looks so intricate. Oddly enough, this block turned out to be the most accurate in size. Most of the other blocks I had to adjust by trimming here and there.

I've actually finished the entire top of my quilt. That means the sashing fabric has been sewn to frame all 6 blocks, and the border fabric has been sewn all the way around. Tomorrow we layer with batting and then actually get to what the term "quilting" actually refers to!

Almost done my very first quilt!

From sewing

Jennifer Anne  – (October 15, 2010 at 3:54 PM)  

your quilt is wonderful! I can't wait to finish ours together next Thursday. My favourite is the log cabin. I think my next quilt will just be an entire series of log cabins, but in no particular colour pattern. Something a little bit 'crazy'.

xo jad

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