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My dear friend (and loyal blog reader) Rebecca currently lives in Ireland. I have been able to sneak a peek at the Irish culture through her many pictures, FB posts, and gifts/packages that she mails or brings back for me (like the big box of skips!!!)

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A couple of years ago, she mailed me a package containing super cute cookbooks (as well as a mug that says "I'd rather be eating cake": so true.)

They were Avoca cookbooks. I can't believe I had never heard of Avoca!!! Their website shows an endless world of all things beautiful. I can't explain in words. Here are some pictures from their website:

At first glance, I see Anthropologie with an extra sprinkle of whimsical, plus an entire world of caf├ęs and gardens!!! Where Anthropologie is Bohemian Chic, I get the impression that Avoca is Whimsical Posh. But I digress.

My intention was merely to acquaint you with Avoca, and the poshness that it exudes. And then to surprise my readers with a blog post about Rice Krispies Squares. No joke. Let me explain.

I had a potluck at work last week and needed a simple recipe that could be made a couple days in advance. (The night before the potluck was my quilting class. Nothing gets in the way of my quilting class. Not even my 3 year anniversary. My husband is still waiting to take me out for a belated dinner celebration... oops.)

I turned to my trusty (and posh) Avoca Tea Time cookbook from Rebecca.

This book has all sorts of posh tea time treats (ideal for a 9am coffee-break-pot-luck):

Hazelnut Praline Mousse Cake

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Jam Tarts

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Cheese and Sundried Tomato Scones

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And then this:

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Yes. Mars bar biscuits. No picture. From the ingredients list, it looks an awful lot like a recipe for Rice Krispies Squares. But with Mars Bars. Mmmm.

We start with 200g butter and 9 mars bars (45g bars).
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The instructions say to melt with a balloon whisk. Ridiculous. It all gets stuck in the whisk!!! Note to self: use a wooden spoon or a heat proof spatula next time.
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Mix into 200g of Rice Krispies and then press into a pan. I used a cookie sheet.
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Wait for it to set, and Tada! A super delicious "biscuit". And it's posh because it's from the Avoca cookbook. The only thing I will change for next time is the quantity of butter. I think I'll try and cut it in half... The recipe also finishes the "biscuit" with a spread of melted chocolate. I like it without.

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Enjoy with morning, afternoon, or evening tea, with or without your pinky finger in the air.

Jennifer Anne  – (October 26, 2010 at 9:54 AM)  

I love everything about this Avoca... and I'm sorry... Are you on fb now?

Kelly  – (October 26, 2010 at 10:56 AM)  

@ Jennifer Anne: FB? Never. I "hack" into Dustin's account and enjoy all of Rebecca's updates. I think that she should start a blog instead ;)

wubecca –   – (October 31, 2010 at 1:44 PM)  

i feel so famous! and i have to say, the cheese & sundried tomato scones are the ONLY scones i buy when i'm in Avoca. because they're so delicious - warm and with butter. mmmmm... stay tuned for christmas parcel! x

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