Cleaning Out my Closet

Last weekend, it was finally time for cleaning out my closet. But unlike Eminem, I was cleaning out my literal closet full of clothes without rapping to da beat. Don't get me wrong: if I could, I would -- but my rap skills are dismal.

Since the Spring opening of the breath-takingly fabulous Anthropologie store, I had given my closet a well deserved boost of "bohemian chic." Consequently, I caused a not-so-deserved crater in my bank account.

My Fall/Winter wardrobe needed to be better thought out. Before heading out to the shops for random "isn't this fabulous?" shopping, I needed to give it a thorough clean and assess my needs for the upcoming cold weather.

In the process, I was able to dig up a few cute things to share with you. (Yes, what an incredibly long segue to sharing these items...)

My maternal grandmother used to hand-make all sorts of things for us while growing up. Sweaters, hats, bibs (to name a few,) and cute little baby shoes. The pack-rat in me has kept these baby shoes in my closet where they will remain forever -- or until I have a baby girl: Dustin thinks they're too girly for a boy. Look at that craftsmanship! Grandmothers are amazing.

From me

From me

The next item up for bid (not really, but I love The Price is Right) is a pair of handmade mittens that transform into gloves. We bought these in England, at the market in Tavistock. I was 8. The lady was old. The mittens were fabulous. Old ladies make the best stuff.
From me

From me
And finally, I would like to share with you one of my favourite pictures of Dustin. The fact that it's on a button makes it even better. I get to make my "Isn't he cute as a button?!" joke forever and ever.

From me
At the end of the day, I saved a handful of valuable keepsakes, reorganized a closet of fall and winter essentials, and donated one very large garbage bag full of clothes to Goodwill. My mother has always reminded me to put old clothes aside for her first before giving it to charity. But like Eminem said "Sorry mama. I never meant to hurt you. I never meant to make you cry, but [last weekend I was] cleaning out my closet."

Emily  – (October 9, 2009 at 6:40 PM)  

I was just at anthropologie yesterday. if you were here, you'd catch me beaming at the thought of my new fabulous sweater.

such CUTE booties!!!!! definetely keep 'em forever.

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