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My siblings and I used to quote this ridiculous "applecore" game from Donald Duck. It's real. Watch it, it's hilarious:

I've now taught the "game" to Dustin. It's dumb. We love it. There is even an entry in wikipedia about the original children's game.

The next few weeks will be filled with opportunities to whip applecores at each other as we try to tackle the giant mound of apples that we picked on Sunday at Applewood Farm Winery. My brother and my housemate joined Dustin and me in a fun game of speed-apple-picking as the rain poured down on us, but we walked away with a bazzillion Honey Crisp Apples. Delicious for making pies.

As soon as I saw this post on Love It A Lot, I went to the closet William Sonoma and bought myself some cute mini apple and pumpkin pie molds.

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They aren't quite as easy to use as you would hope, but I managed. I refused to purchase the premade pie filling, or the pie crust mix, so I went to trusty Ina for a perfect pie crust recipe and just chopped up the apples to fit in the mini mold.

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I also made a full size pie using my favourite pie dish. Get it?

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Emily  – (October 9, 2009 at 6:38 PM)  

I love your pie dish. you're such a geek.

I'm baking pies for a potluck tomorrow and after seeing your adorable little apple apple pies, I am so tempted to buy the pie molds too! alas, I have no car and william sonoma is too far away on this rainy day.

Josie  – (October 16, 2009 at 1:09 PM)  

oh my goodness! I need that dish! where did you get it?!

Kelly  – (October 16, 2009 at 1:33 PM)  

Hi Josie! The dish was a gift, but since you're not the first to ask, I found out that it was purchased from


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