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We will be finishing up our first CSA box tonight with a roasted chicken dinner and roasted local, fresh, baby carrots. No pictures: it's still in the oven. But let's go back to our first meal: kale.

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I've never eaten kale before, and Dustin isn't a big fan of soup (it makes him uncomfortably hot; for the same reason, he doesn't drink tea, coffee, hot chocolate, and does not enjoy seat warmers in the car.) To make Dustin a Kale fan, I knew I had to pull out my trump card: stir fry beef. I regularly buy a large cut of beef and slice it up into small stir fry pieces before freezing one-meal-portions in ziplock bags. Stir fry it with *anything* and Dustin will like it.

The most recent cut of beef happened to be prime rib -- a luxury in our household. Marinated with lots of fresh garlic, soy sauce, lots of black pepper and added to the lightly braised kale and the kale was sure to win Dustin over.

From Food

From Food

Look at the size of that one fresh head of garlic! Since it was the first day of the food box, we also had a whole array of salad foods: Boston lettuce, tomatoes, peppers, and Toscana cheese. Next task: the crazy alien broccoli.

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