Quiche Lorraine

Does anyone know someone named Lorraine? I don't. So let's just call it quiche-Kelly.

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Our CSA box came with a dozen fresh, organic chicken eggs. A week after we used them for our quiche-kelly we realized we could have made eggnog. Darn it. Don't tell quiche-kelly, it might hurt her feelings.

I made my usual pie crust from Ina. Look at all those butter bits!

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Then I decided to blind bake it. I just learned that term. I'm not sure why it's called blind baking, but it's just a confusing way of saying to prebake the crust. My friend Jenn asked me if she should prebake her crust. I said no. I had only made quiche once before and I made mini quiches. I did not prebake and they were perfectly crispy. I should have done more research before giving my friend advice. I decided to blind bake this crust. Not sure if it made a difference. I guess I'll have to try again sometime without blind baking. But if I get another dozen eggs in our CSA box, I'm making eggnog. So who knows if I'll ever find out.

Boy that was a ramble. I digress. (Wait, one more thing: did you know that putting the fork holes in the pie crust is called "docking"? Okay. *Now* I digress.)

I did not follow any recipe. I do that sometimes.

I scrambled up 4 eggs. Added some salt and pepper. Started pouring in heavy cream. Stopped when my love handles jiggled at me. I think I put about half the 250mL carton in. Chopped up some cilantro. (Cilantro?! Why cilantro? That's what came in the CSA box.) Added some thai seasoning since there was cilantro in it. (My premixed Thai seasoning comes from Victorian Epicure.) Then I felt like I could squeeze in another egg, so I added a 5th. And then maybe a dash more cream.

I cooked up some sliced bacon, added some red peppers for colour (since it came in the CSA box) and then sprinkled it in the prebaked pie crust. Sprinkled some grated Toscana cheese (also from the CSA box) and then poured the egg mixture in. Said to myself "darn it. i could have squeezed in another egg. oh well" and then baked it for ... i dunno... 35 mins in a 375 degree oven?

Who needs a recipe? [cue Micheal Smith's cheesy music ".... you can do it, too..."]

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Emily  – (November 20, 2009 at 12:31 AM)  

I love your CSA box posts. very educational. and your quiche looks deeeee-licious.

I am actually a big of michael smith. but sometimes I only watch him so that his opening song can annoy daniel (yes, I am a loving wife).

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