Boy, am I ever beet.

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December came and went and I only blogged 3 times! So terrible, but as Scarlett said "...tomorrow is another day" and things can only get better.

I've wanted to post about beets for a while now. We've gotten them twice so far in our CSA box and we are expecting more this week.

My first attempt at cooking beets was in a steak salad. I can't even remember which recipe I used, or if I even used a recipe. Yes, it was that unmemorable. I decided to boil the beets rather than bake them; I seared up a steak like I usually would, and then I made a delicious garlicky dressing.

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Sure, it was tasty, but mostly because the steak and the other salad ingredients masked the taste of the beets. I do have to admit that beets are one of the prettier vegetables.

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My second attempt at a beet dish was a roasted root vegetable soup. There were only two red beets, 3 or 4 light coloured beets, two celeriacs, sweet potato, turnip, and multi coloured carrots. It still came out beet red. (I've used that term dozens of times and only now do I realize what vibrant shade of red I was depicting.)

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Again: a very pretty tray of roasted vegetables, but this is not a food pageant. I didn't think it was possible, but the soup had too many layers of flavour. The beets, turnips, and celeriac were all too strong. Next time I will just pick one strong flavour (maybe two at the most) and add mild root vegetables. Not exactly yucky, but not the most delicious bowl of soup.

This Thursday comes another chance at beets. I'm beginning to realize that perhaps beets need a recipe. Someone who has spent many a day in the test kitchen finding the perfect recipe. Any suggestions? Because this beets the heck out of me.

Jennifer Anne  – (January 6, 2010 at 2:23 PM)  

Kel, I've been dying to try this, but have been incredibly lazy:

And let me know how it goes.

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