A kiwi disguised as a dragon

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If you've ever been to Chinatown (or Markham, ON) you've likely encountered one of these crazy dragon fruits sitting in a bin outside. I've never had the desire to try one, probably because Chinese fruits (read: durian) can taste (or smell) so bad.

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Over the Christmas break, I spent a lot of time relaxing at my parents' place. One particular night, whist sitting by the fire, playing a geeky (read: amazing) boardgame, my mom cut up one said dragon fruit and lo and behold it looks like a party in there! And it tasted much like a kiwi. The seeds were soft and the fruit was mildly sweet. If a kiwi decided to dress up as a dragon at the Exotic Fruit Halloween party, that's what it would look like.

From Food

From Food

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