Enjoying a lacy Saturday

The weather today was amazing. The perfect spring day to go lace shopping with Jenn.

We both signed up for a class at the workroom to learn how to sew our own underwear. Exciting, isn't it??? We needed to purchase some stretch lace to bring to our first class. There were just too many beautiful colours and patterns to select only one. I decided to choose two. Jenn chose three. I changed my mind and got three.

We also went hunting for elastic trim. There were even more colours and styles of trim. Sussman's (420 Queen St West) has an entire wall of elastic trim! I chose a mint green, lace-like trim and a ruffly pinkish-violet trim. They will be used to fancy up my super-soft olive green bamboo cotton.
To celebrate our successful shop, we had brunch at the Bellevue Diner in Kensington Market. The weather was superb, the food was delicious, and company (as always) was top notch. Here's to many more perfect Saturdays.

Unknown  – (April 11, 2011 at 1:57 PM)  

PERFECT Saturday. PERFECT first patio brunch. PERFECT company.

Am I texting while I read the menue?

hmmm.. steak.

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