The Hills are Alive!

I know you've all been dying to know how my Sound of Music experience went. I sang (in my head and out loud) all day long to every song I could remember from the musical.

I started by pretending my lunch bag was a guitar case: "What will this day be like? I wonder." I taught my coworkers how to sing: "When you read, you being with ABC; when you sing you begin with doh rei mi." They weren't as receptive as the Von Trapp children.

From Out and About

My parents and I posed in front of the poster like a bunch of tourists (I was too embarrassed to ask someone to take the picture for us, so this was self-taken,) and I managed to catch one picture of the Princess of Wales Theatre when none of the 85 smokers were in the way, blowing smoke into my face, and tossing their half-smoked cigarette on the curb.

A little sepia tone effect courtesy of Picasa and it makes me feel like it was 1959 and I was lining up for the original Broadway production.

From Out and About

The show was fantastic. Elicia Mackenzie's Maria was well done, although I think she may have watched Julie Andrews' version one too many times. I think she may have even gasped the same way that Julie Andrews did... The staging was phenomenal: the opening scene took my breath away. And the children were so great! I've always said that when kids do well on stage, they can steal the show.

Dustin and I have been watching a lot of Alias season 1, and I found that Elicia Mackenzie had an uncanny resemblance to Jennifer Garner's character. My brain was momentarily confused. "What is Sydney Bristow doing dressed up like a nun? What is her counter mission?!"

Elicia Mackenzie featured in Toronto Life

My next show? So You Think You Can Dance!!! The tour hits Toronto on Tuesday September 29th, and I'll be somewhere in the 300 level screaming my face off!

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