Italian Coin Purse

From sewing

I'm sure these flex coin purses aren't Italian, but the only people I know that carry these around are two of my Italian friends that use them to carry change. Hence, Italian Coin Purse.

I've wanted to try making one since I saw this tutorial on the fabulous U-handblog.

And then whilst rummaging in the hardware section at the workroom, I found the flexi frames required to make the purses!

I used leftover fabric from my friend Julie's Birdie Sling Bag thinking that maybe she would like a matching Italian Coin Purse. And then I thought: she's a teacher! Maybe I'll make it bigger and she can use it as a pencil case!

1) I didn't make it big enough to fit a pencil.
2) Does a gym teacher even need a pencil case?
3) If I make one for Julie, do I have to make one for my other friend, Kelly, who also has a birdie sling and also works at the same school as Julie?!

1) Final product is so cute! (despite useless size.)
2) ...

From sewing

At the moment, this super cute cupcake/elephant Italian Short Pencil Case is sitting in my drawer being squeezed and admired every so often but without a permanent home: an orphan ready to meet Matthew and Marilla Cuthbert.

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