Kelly and the Giant Zucchini

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If James can have a Giant Peach, then I can have a Giant Zucchini.

Like most who grow their own zucchini, my garden-wizard coworker has a large abundance that he is graciously willing to part with. Through a communication mixup, I was not at the office last Friday to receive the normal size zucchini he had designated for my culinary adventures. The zucchini continued to grow until Monday.

It was the size of my thigh. The right thigh. (My left thigh is smaller due to unnamed hockey accident.)

Fortunately, my designer bag of choice that day was the Matt and Nat Trainspotting -- the perfect shape for said giant zucchini.

From Food

From Food

James used the Giant Peach to escape his horrid aunts. I have no horrid aunts. (Only horrid ants.) So I pulled out a couple zucchini bread recipes and went straight to work.

Oh Cuisinart food processor (with grater attachment.) How I love thee.

From Food

From only half of the zucchini, I grated approximately 10 (generous) cups of zucchini.

From Food

I tried a low fat version from Janet and Greta's Crazy Plates cookbook, and a recipe from Nigella Lawson's website.

The bread (is it really bread?) will accompany me to the office tomorrow where my coworkers will have to help me decide which recipe to squash. (heehee. squash.)

Left: Crazy Plates, Right: Nigella Lawson; From Food

Now to figure out what to do with the other half of the zucchini... Suggestions?

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