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I mentioned in a previous post about an event I was attending that supports microfinancing. The money went towards financial services (i.e. microloans) for people in Ecuador to alleviate poverty. Very similar to Kiva.

I think it's such a great concept; Dustin and I have a loan through Kiva to help someone in Nicaragua buy new tires for his taxi. He's already started repaying the loan, so we can now lend that money to someone else.

The other great thing about this event was the theme: Mad Men. Dressing up is always fun. Dressing up in 1960s clothing? Super extra fun! What a great fashion era.

Let's pretend for a little bit that I didn't have a full time job.

I would have ordered this pattern:

and purchased this fabric:

and then sewn myself a super cute dress for the occasion so I could humbly boast about how I made it myself.

But I had zero time to do all those things. I was destined for this: (which I would have copied, printed, and ironed onto an old tshirt.)

Thanks to my housemate, I had a pretty dress to wear because she picked up an extra dress from Kensington Market. Ain't she sweet?!

The event was so much fun! Thanks to Jenn and friends for organizing!

Anonymous –   – (February 22, 2011 at 7:58 PM)  

love this post! glad you guys had a good time. thank you for supporting Mad Men for Microfinance


Unknown  – (February 25, 2011 at 1:44 PM)  

What a great night. You looked madly 1960's. Thanks again for coming out and supporting our worthy cause!


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